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The hydraulic system in the mobile equipment cleaning techniques
DateTime:[2016-1-11]    Browse the number: 1634

In mobile equipment hydraulic system to maintain clean frequently eight skills, can effectively improve the motor work time and work efficiency of the equipment.

1, general hydraulic system when cleaning, choose work with hydraulic oil or commissioning more oil. Cannot use kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, steam or other liquid, prevent hydraulic components, piping, mailbox, seals from corrosion, etc.

2, cleaning process, hydraulic pump operation and cleaning medium heating together. Cleaning fluid temperature of 50-80 degrees, rubber slag in the system is easy to remove.

3, in the process of cleaning, usable and non-metallic hammer percussion tubing, can continuous percussion, also is not continuous percussion, the eradication of kidneys in the pipeline.

4, hydraulic pump intermittent operation is beneficial to improve the effect of cleaning, intermittent time is generally 10 to 30 minutes.

5, in cleaning oil back to the road, should install filters or mesh. Just began when cleaning, due to the impurities, can choose 80 mesh sieve, to switch to 150 filters after cleaning.

6, the cleaning time for 48, 60 hours, commonly with the system clutter, filtration accuracy and degree of pollution to quick decisions.

7, to prevent external cause corrosion, moisture at the end of the cleaning, hydraulic pump and continuous operation, know the temperature returned to normal stop.

Eight, after cleaning to clear out the cleaning of oil within the loop.

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