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Large scale has become an important development trend of construction machinery in the future
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Taken together, the Chinese engineering machinery is developing in the direction of energy saving, intelligent, large-scale, the former two don't have to say more, almost for all of the engineering machinery enterprises, both must follow the law of development. But the last one is different, it is not the goal of every engineering machinery enterprises, of course, also is not anyone can "chosen" bigness, in a sense, the large often means more powerful strength, means that the improvement of technology and adapt to the conditions of ascension.

Throughout engineering machinery more than hundred years development course, more than 50 years ago, its size and small agricultural machinery, slowly to the size and the small and medium-sized automobile fitting for development, then there are greater than that of general auto equipment, then a crawler crane this several storeys high.

In recent years, with increasing worldwide, the large and super large engineering, such as nuclear power plants, DAMS and other large infrastructure construction, and mining, large construction projects, engineering machinery, such as common in order to ensure the construction convenient and quick, needs to promote the further large-scale equipment, large-scale construction machinery has thus become an important development trend.

Large scale, it is important to note that the product is not a simple sense of the geometric series expansion, such as multiplication in tonnage or other computing unit, the requirement for technology is becoming more and more high. And can develop a reliable and durable large-scale equipment also became a measure of engineering machinery enterprises is an important indicator of overall strength.

China construction machinery business network editor noticed that in recent years, the domestic construction machinery giant will almost invariably "bigness" is regarded as the most important direction in the future, such as xugong it directly to the "large" included in the development strategy of the enterprise "3 tall one big".

Now, let's "tour", appreciating the domestic market since the beginning of the year is worth to pay close attention to the "jack" power of the dazzing.

Xugong 280 t large mine electric excavator

Xugong on March 10, 280 - ton large mine electric shovel hydraulic excavator is rolled out, to perfect China's large complete sets of mining machinery xugong last laid a solid foundation.

As countries strongly advocated for energy conservation and environmental protection, electric hydraulic excavator to get more and more customers, for the needs of the large mine hydraulic excavator, gave birth to the soil. Xugong drivers was closely related to the product of "3 tall one big" development strategy, based on market demand, after two years of development, market research and design is developed the electric shovel hydraulic excavator XE2800E.

Application of the product more than the xugong independent design technology, including more than 10 domestic leading invention patent technology, using 6 kv high-voltage motor as power source, over 30% of energy than a diesel engine. Hydraulic system adopts the electric control flow and closed rotary hydraulic system control strategy, action is more sensitive and efficient. Driven by large torque, traction increase by more than 25%, more can adapt to complicated working condition of mine construction. 280 tons of electric shovel hydraulic excavator is developed with xugong with 110 tons of mining equipments and perfect match, to provide users with more environmentally friendly, high quality of large complete sets of mining machinery equipment solutions.

Xugong 300 big tonnage excavator exports to the Middle East

On May 29, xugong group 300 big tonnage excavator exports to the Middle East start ceremony was held.

As large-tonnage product export first excavator industry in China, it is not only the xugong group mining machinery industry to dig potential as an outstanding example of global outstanding enterprises, but also a turning point for the development of China excavator industry after 40 years of hard twists and turns, China hydraulic excavator historic finally realizes the independent brand of large tonnage excavator mass towards the international market.

In recent years, in the race, with the global construction machinery giant xugong adhere to the "3 tall one big" product development strategy, promoting technology development and independent innovation, made a major breakthrough in the key technology, become a master mining machinery core technology leader. In the field of high-end products, xugong 30 tons of large-scale mining excavator million ton has rapid success and quickly cut into the mainstream foreign brand market foothold, become the first brand of China's large excavator.

At present, the xugong excavator has exported to Africa, South America, southeast Asia, the Middle East and so on more than 80 countries and regions, 37 tons, 47 tons, 70 tons and 90 tons of large hydraulic excavator also successively achieved exports.

Three new generation type mine large tonnage excavator on the market

On May 28, five honor of carrying SY485H trinity juki platform car slowly out of kunshan industrial park. Trinity juki this is in response to a national green industrial and engineering mechanical energy saving HuanBaoSuo surrender of the first questionnaire, and is also a new generation of trinity juki type mine large-tonnage excavator after 2014 international construction machinery exhibition debut was put into the market.

It is worth mentioning that as a big dig three SY485H iconic new machine was established through the company more than 30 people special research and development team, including "national one thousand program" 2 people, 3 people distinguished foreign experts, senior engineer 10 people work together, such as three years to develop, test, and constantly improve and become.

SY485H mining market positioning, according to customer special requirements for custom development, with "high reliability, high overloading ability, low fuel consumption," the characteristics of carrying the three engine emissions, with trinity of independent intellectual property rights and core components of control system, mine out of the car and the working device, and USES the latest "H - 10" new modelling, brave, strong, concise appearance. The indicators meet the industry leading level, no said modestly in domestic with tonnage press "peak represents".

It is reported, SY485H through the test of industry extremely stringent test system. Among them: structure of application of the domestic initiative "structure overall CAE analysis technology. In the measured phase stress, excavator stress test point arrangement is as high as more than 700, 30% higher than the industry standard. Working condition of mining rock solid dig endurance test for 2 years, can ensure that equipment in the harshest conditions, structural life 20% increase; Parts endurance test coverage excavator core part, hydraulic components, covering parts, engine and radiator parts of life beyond the industry average of 30%.

Liugong world debut four categories of large equipment

Is committed to become a world-class engineering machinery industry enterprises' layout in advance, after years of efforts, has successfully developed advanced large equipment. On June 15, including CLG890H/CLG8128H loaders, 948 e/e / 970 e 950 excavator, TC550A/TC250A5 crane and TD40E bulldozers, liugong product release in changzhou.

The release of the large equipment are liugong of elaborate works in recent years, is in a large number of customer visits and market research, after harsh judgment of production process and the extreme conditions of trial and error and refinement, these products have high efficiency and energy saving, green environmental protection, reliable and durable, safe and comfortable, convenient maintenance, etc. New product launch, the large engineering machinery for liugong global clients to create greater value.

Comprehensive international transformation, the transformation of large scale and high-end products, from quantity to quality, the transformation of growth pattern core parts and select the transformation of the supply chain, for the transformation of the resources and ability, and the transformation of enterprise control mode, in the face of the development of Chinese construction machinery industry the "new normal", liugong is actively implement a full range of strategic transformation. The release of large equipment is the embodiment of liugong comprehensive transformation.

Liugong to launch domestic biggest ZL100C wheel loader

By liugong developed with independent intellectual property rights of domestic biggest ZL100C wheel loader, passed the national appraisal in nanning.

Appraisal on the meeting, experts said, by the development of the western region and the province of large infrastructure projects, large domestic loader market surge in demand, but production of large domestic loader is a blank. Today, China's largest wheel loader developed not only, and has good reliability, high efficiency, low noise, low emissions, really nice.

On the development of ZL100C, liugong designers have adopted a number of world advanced technology, such as the transmission system adopts advanced integrated automatic and manual shift mode, can automatically according to the speed of the car, engine speed, throttle opening to choose the best gear; Hydraulic system with load sensing variable technique and shunt flow amplifying priority to technology, USES the pilot proportional control, realize "finger force" manipulation; Electrical system USES programmable instrument display technology, parameters real-time display and sound and light alarm; Use the international famous company of diesel engine, transmission parts, hydraulic pressure and brake components.

Zoomlion for the first time in over hundred t excavator sales overseas

As the first ZE1250E backhoe excavator rolled off the production line on May 20, entered the stage of debugging, heralding the zoomlion tonnage of more than hundred excavator is about to reach the overseas sales for the first time.

The export of Iran ZE1250E backhoe excavator are tested and approved by the multiple improved upgrade the product, the work platform, walking mechanism, cooling system, hydraulic system and so on a number of technical improvement.

At present, the special significance of large-tonnage excavators various commissioning work goes well, the related technical data stability, will be in the middle of June sent to Iran on schedule. Believe in special assembly team to make with meticulous care and love ZE1250E backhoe excavator will carry the vanda earthwork workers hard and hope, across the sea of zoomlion products new posture.

Large-scale booster showing the machine series heavy roller products

On June 12, produced by the machine heavy industry (luoyang) co., LTD., the world's largest tonnage tyre roller batch loading shipment.

The machine heavy luoyang company as the founder of Chinese roller hundred years always focus on the compaction machinery research and development and manufacturing, compaction machinery covers six series, more than hundred varieties, fully meet the industry development trend in recent years, in particular, has developed some very large tonnage products, including pneumatic tyre roller LRS235H, the world's largest hydraulic pneumatic tyre roller, the product since listing in 2010, relying on its excellent compaction performance and efficient control system, fully recognized by the market.

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