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Construction machinery transmission system lubrication and maintenance tips
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Engineering machinery, also known as construction machinery, mainly for the conditions of construction engineering, road construction and maintenance, the flow type lifting handling operation, all kinds of construction engineering mechanization construction engineering. Is based on engineering machinery field operations, poor weather conditions, geographical conditions, this will cause heavily damaged work device and walking mechanism, the lubrication of mechanical work put forward higher requirements. Especially the transmission system of lubrication and maintenance requirement is higher.

Construction machinery transmission system mainly includes the transfer case, gearbox, drive shaft, drive axle, gear reducer, vibrator, transmission gears, chains, etc., they mainly use gear oil lubrication. For engineering machinery, due to the climate and geographical conditions of construction that they the lubrication of challenging.

If the temperature is too high, lubricant viscosity decline, oil pressure, will also accelerate the oxidation of oil, the oil quality is poor; If the temperature is too low, lubricating oil viscosity increase would happen, the oil is not easy to reach the lubrication part, lubrication effect is also poor. Construction of large amount of dust in the air, increase oil impurities, and mechanical surface is often covered with dust and dirt, increase the difficulty of lubrication work.

So, in the transmission system of construction machinery lubrication checks and put the oil and gas, we should pay attention to the following content:

A, check oil level and oil analysis on a regular basis

We need to understand mechanical vehicle maintenance manual to engineering machinery manufacturer recommended on the basis of the maintenance period, combined with the use of mechanical condition and sample analysis, to determine the mechanical lubrication inspection cycle.

Lube oil level check need under the conditions of driving part not rotating) (that is, stop the condition, to avoid oil spills and oil level testing is not accurate.

Check the oil level, unscrew the oil plug, check whether there is oil or oil plug with oil, or whether oil scale to determine the oil level is achieved.

For lubricating oil sample analysis cycles, in general better than manual for an oil change period is short, such as maintenance manual requirement for transmission oil change interval is 1000 hours, we according to the operation condition of the engineering machinery, every 500 hours or 750 hours, the oil sample analysis, decide whether to need an oil change. We need from sample analysis results to see whether oil has been contaminated or deterioration, more and more to look at whether any metal powder in the oil, size, and so on and so forth in order to judge whether the oil metamorphism and the abrasion of mechanical parts.

Second, the correct gas and oil change

The time interval in the right foot or replace lubricating oil, they can better guarantee the transmission parts of lubrication, making these parts protected by lubrication, to guarantee the working life of the longest transmission parts.

Check the oil level, if found oil shortage, should from the oil filler or a hole filling, added to the oil hole oil or oil level reached the limit of the scale.

Many times, need to change, not merely to add lubricating oil.

The oil change, you need to discharge of oil, oil discharge oil temperature should reach 40-50 ℃, and the oil should be in the case of a disturbance emission, such ability can be thoroughly row of net oil dirty and clean. Such, lubricating oil discharge before, you should start the roller first warm hot oil, so that the heat flow out faster, the impurity in the box body dirt more let seven easy drainage of mixed with oil.


Come on, want to stop the engine out. After put out the engine, before unloaded oil plug, should first wash the dirt on the surface of the outer surface and the surrounding.

Use a filter to refueling tanker.

Heavy oil plug, oil plug should be clean, in order to avoid causing oil pollution.

For drive axle and wheel planetary gear reducer and vibrator oil chamber, because they are exposed part of the shell is rotating, so when check the oil level or put oil and gas will all need to start the machine oil hole position to the appropriate position.

If there are two oil hole shell on the end face, put oil, oil drain hole should be turn to the lowest position, so as to enable the lubricating oil is put. When check the oil level or refueling, refueling hole should be turn to the highest position, can judge oil level from another oil hole.

If shell on the end only one oil hole, set oil and fuel oil hole position is different, may need to for rotating machinery.

When oil drain, need oil hole turning to the bottom position, screw down the plug oil drain.

When check the oil level or filling lubricating oil, the oil hole rotation can be marked by the horizontal position, should make oil level at oil hole edge so far.

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