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Product Name:Unloading platform

Detailed introduction

A, use:

My company is the specialized development production hydraulic motor rapid unloading machine. Products applicable to electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, food, cement, coal and other industries rapid unloading bulk. It thoroughly solved the unloading speed is slow, unloading homework personnel and air pollution, car high cost, low safety factor of key issues. The unloading machine produced by our company are widely used in cement, food, electric power, metallurgy and other industries, improve the efficacy of dozens of times, save money millions every year. Through the company all staff of unremitting efforts, the product has sold in Inner Mongolia, ningxia, sichuan and other regions, equipment operation rate was 100%, well received by users from all walks of life.

At present, our company can according to the different needs of users, design the production of various specifications of the products; At the same time, in order to meet the needs of users, the company also developed a dust removal equipment, realizing the zero loss and unloading process material unloading zero pollution of the environment.

Second, the working process of the dumping and the product features:

When overloaded trucks with bulk material in the central platform positioning, operators in control room (from the control room can see unloading platform and the dynamic situation of vehicle) operation control button starts running hydraulic station, oil cylinder synchronization slowly reached out to a certain place to stop, when all material unloading, starting from the control room control button operation platform to come platform steady state (cylinder recovery without stroke state) freight cars drive down from the platform.

This product has the following main features: 1, the unloading tonnage. 2, unloading time is short, high production efficiency. 3, small power input, low operating cost. 4, the whole process of automation, simple operation. Reliable operation of 5, equipment, scientific and reasonable structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance. 6, vehicle automatic locking, tipping point limit control device to ensure the safety of the operation process. 7, a large number of unloading cost savings, investment payback period is short.

Truck according to the instructions on the flap platform, artificial start on wheel cylinder block, block open wheel, command vehicle in place after the start signal button (with lamp button), PLC automatic rising main hydraulic cylinder, start signal button lights automatically out at the same time, the lifting efficiency platform (within 5 minutes) to 42 ° Angle (Angle and level); Then delay 20 ~ 30 seconds (the car in the process of the material being discharged gradually, in the middle can pause), and then the flap platform automatically sets and reset (can stop the time limit for 3 minutes, middle), artificial start on wheel cylinder block, closed on wheel, finally free flap under the open platform.

序号 型    号 安装距 行程 缸径 杆径 工作压力 油口尺寸 备注
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (MPa) (mm)
1 3TG-280*5800-00 3100 5800 300/230/190 280/220/170 16 M27*2

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